The Other Women Know How to do it, just as shady as their man does

Posted April 17, 2014 by Rick in Movie News

This April, 20th Century Fox brings to the world a new movie, The Other Woman. It is written by Melissa Stack and directed by the very famous Nick Cassavetes. The director is well known to the public for his work in The Notebook, Face/Off, My Sister’s Keeper and many other amazing movies. The Other Woman has an absolutely awesome cast, starring the Hollywood smile Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Nicolaj Coster-Waldau, Don Johnson, Nicki Minaj and the bombshell Kate Upton. All of them play the roles of different characters that will make us laugh. The movie has an outstanding positive vibe getting out of it, despite its main subject.


The Other Woman centers on a love affair between a man and many other women. His girlfriend and wife meet with each other. Despite the awful circumstances, these two gorgeous women found themselves in, they become friends. Carly, played by Cameron Diaz is the girlfriend and Kate, played by Leslie Mann is the wife. The weird friendship they develop is based on a common hate for their man, Mark King played by Nicolaj Coster-Waldau. As they both understand perfectly what each one is going through, their relationship is full of fun, alcohol and a common goal, that is to destroy their cheating lover. As the story goes, in the movie appears the third woman who is Amber. Kate Upton transforms the Amber character into an absolute sex bomb, with not much to say. And now, these three women team up in order to revenge. Put the lawyer, the wife and the boobs together because these women know how to do it just as shady as their man does. So, Mark King is about to receive some really bad news about his work, regarding the partners he is stealing from and about the hormones he takes from his wife, that are slowly transforming him into a woman.


The new romantic comedy The Other Woman guarantees a good laugh and 109 minutes of entertainment. The movie is full of fun and emotions. It has beautiful women, playing crazy characters and an incredible story plot. This spring, watch The Other Woman in cinemas.