This ‘Chronicle’ Star Might Play the Human Torch in the ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot

Posted May 2, 2013 by Rick in Movie News

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Fox’s reboot of The Fantastic Four already has a release date which is March 6 2015. If some of these rumors that are going around are true, then there might be an actor that you wouldn’t expect. This person would be in the running to play the Human Torch. This actor is Michael B. Jordan. He would be reuniting with the director Josh Trank on this upcoming film. Only thing, in the comics, the Human Torch is Caucasian while Michael is African American. Nothing to sweat over though.

Marvel-based films have casted African American actors before in prominent roles. If Jordan were to land the role of Human Torch it would be on a entire new level because of the fact that he will be casted as a white superhero while he is not. This has never happened before. In the past,  Michael Duncan and Jamie Foxx have both played roles that were originally white villains, being a superhero for Jordan is a step up to this “color-blind casting” in superhero films.

It is too soon to know what this casting would mean for the rest of the cast. Some think that if Jordan lands the role, we would see Sue Storm played by someone other then a traditional white starlet. After all, it only makes sense because of the fact that Sue and Jhonny are siblings. As we have said before the Jordan casting is not set in stone yet. Alot, depending on if the other actors have “chemistry” with him says sources from Wrap. Do you think it’ll workout?