Top 10 Soccer Movies Of All Time

Posted February 12, 2014 by Rick in Movie News
Goal - Dream Begins

Title: Top 10 Soccer Movies Of All Time

It’s beginning to seem as if everywhere we look, there’s hype and excitement building for the 2014 World Cup.

On television, the various ESPN channels have already been broadcasting an early World Cup preview commercial, complete with highlights from the 2010 Cup and wrapping up with the famous Ian Darke “You cannot write a script like this!” call.

In the news, there’s just about a daily update on conditions in Brazil, from the progress in building stadiums, to different teams’ potential issues with the climates they’ll be playing in, and of course a steadily thickening stream of predictions and projections.

And in gaming perhaps more than anywhere else, hype is growing out of control. The iOS app store is featuring an app called “Score! World Goals” that allows players to recreate famous goals from World Cup history. The FIFA 14 Xbox/Playstation game remains enormously popular months after its release. And even at the Betfair Casino online you can find several soccer-inspired slot machines and jackpots available for play. You can even bet real money on World Cup arcade games!

So, with all of this hype building across entertainment and pop culture, it seemed the appropriate time for a look back at some of the best soccer movies ever made. Working your way through this list in the coming months will surely put you in a soccer mood by the time the Cup rolls around in June!

10. Shaolin Soccer

Forbes probably offered the best approach to watching this movie: “put your brain in cold storage” first. Director Stephen Chow blends kung-fu and soccer in this weird, horrible film that you can’t help having fun with.

9. The Big Green

It’s a kids’ movie, but The Big Green wonderfully (if a bit extremely) captures the highs and lows of kids’ recreational sports. It’s also a great nostalgia flick for those who watched it growing up.

8. Victory

During World War II, Allied prisoners are offered the chance to play a soccer game against the German national team in Paris. Need we say more?

7. Fever Pitch

It’s a romantic comedy, but in setting a man’s love for his team (Arsenal) against his love for a woman, Fever Pitch is after every male sports fan’s heart. Colin Firth is a blast.

6. Goal! 2: Living The Dream

We’ll get to the first film later on. Goal! 2 is ridiculous, cheesy and over-the-top, but its sexy atmosphere and endless cameos from real soccer stars make it quite a bit of fun.

5. United

Tragic and triumphant at once, United is the true account of the legendary champion Manchester United team that lost 8 members in a plane crash in 1958.

4. Bend It Like Beckham

Light, entertaining, and funny, Bend It Like Beckham is beloved by many, almost entirely due to the on-screen lovability and chemistry of Keira Knightley and Parminder Nagra.

3. Green Street Hooligans

A movie that enjoys “cult classic” status, Green Street Hooligans is about the exposure of an American outcast to the often violent world of British soccer supporters.

2. The Damned United

This 2009 film is set back in 1974, but offers perhaps the most realistic and in-depth look at English club soccer ever shown on the big screen.

1. Goal! The Dream Begins

It’s incredibly cheesy, but so are most great sports movies. Goal! is the story of a talented Mexican soccer player (Santiago Munez, played by Kuno Becker) as he gets a shot at the big time playing for Newcastle United in England. Few films have ever better captured the pure drive of ambitious athletes, or the sheer joy of making it.

For soccer fans, the World Cup can’t come soon enough, but these films can help the time pass a little more quickly!