TRAINING DAY Director Antoine Fuqua May Reunite with Denzel Washington for THE EQUALIZER

Posted March 21, 2013 by Rick in Movie News




Antoine Fuqua and Denzel Washington might reunite in the future. Fuqua has lately been all talks to direct Washington in The Equalizer. This movie is based on the 1980′s crime TV series of the same name which was written by Richard Wenk. Sony Pictures think that The Equalizer could possibly be a franchise for Washington who by the way, has recently won an Oscar.

While the film diverges from the original series by creating a spiral on the story-line  catering mostly to Washington’s talents. The Equalizer will follow Washington being a man who despises injustice and he takes that hate and uses it to help the less fortunate that are victimized. The role is tailor-made for someone like Washington, but the script drew a lot of attention to several different directors. This movie must have alot of potential for a smart and successful thriller.  The Equalizer is sure to be a hit because of the duo Washington and Faqua.