Universal Planning Sequels for THE HEAT and RIDE ALONG

Posted April 23, 2013 by Rick in Movie News


So far there are two sequels that are to be coming out that are cop comedies. The buzz for director Paul Feig’s upcoming cop comedy The Heat is strong. Deadline reports that the screenwriter of the film Katie Dippold has been said to be working on the script for a follow up in a few months, before the first film even comes out in theaters.

The movie stars Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy as the by-the-rules FBI agent and as a hardcore local Boston cop. They team up to catch a drug lord. The movies red band trailer promises many laughs and great chemistry between Bullock and McCarthy. We think that the movie’s June 28th release shows a big confidence in producers.

In addition to this, Universal is going through with a follow up to the movie Ride Along, directed by Tim Story. This film will star Kevin Hart. Hart plays a fast-talking soon to be police officer. He has to team up with his girlfirend’s brother who is played by Ice Cube. He is a hot tempered cop. Hart has to prove to him that he is worthy of marrying his sister. The movie is not due for release until January of 2014 but the studio is blowing up on it.

Obviously the sequels to The Heat and Ride Along are only coming out because the first movie did so well in the box office, but Universal appears to be happy with what they’re seeing by way of early footage and test screenings and it’s easy to see both being hits.