Nerdy Batman Fan Actually Created His Own Batcave

Posted April 24, 2013 by Rick in Movie News


You think just because you own a few comics and the movies of batman your a fan? I bet your nothing compared to this homeowner who has transformed his entire basement into his own version of the Batcave. This super fan goes by the name of Chris Weir who bought his home back in 2006. While anyone normal would be concerned about the neigborhood or the school district but the selling point for this house was the basement. Chris needed this space to make his own batcave! He spent over $100,000 on this cave.

The basement houses a couple thousands, there are countless pieces of memorabilia and a 120 inch cinescope screen. There is even a cool secret entrance and no one else can see. This obsession is a family affair because the husband and the father. Weir’s wife was right on board with the plan to turn the basement into the Batcave. She says “as long as the mortgage got paid.” Not to mention the children love it! Take a look at this youtube video of a tour of the basement and let us know what you think in some comments.

Tour of the Batcave