What Are Your Favorite Movies Set in Boston?

Posted April 19, 2013 by Rick in Movie News

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As we all know, earlier this week a terrible incident has occured in Boston. Our hearts go out the the citizens of Boston and everyone visiting who has had to experience the terror that they have. No one should have to go through that. The town of Boston is amazing, there is so much history and culture. Although it is not the most common location to shoot a movie, there are a few that have been and will be shot there.

Boston has been in a movie since the year of 1897. Also in 1904, Thomas Edison shot on of his big action scenes right outside the urban center to the northeast by staging two locomotives that were head-on colliding. In another film from Thomas Edison in 1903, he takes us on a trolley ride through the streets of what seems to be Boylston which is where Monday’s blast occurred.

Nowadays Boston barley has anything to do with cinema except these three things : Harvard, Fenway and crime stories. Yeah, I know what you all are thinking, Harvard isin’t technically in the city but Cambridge is at least part of the Boston area. Normally, movies that are set in Boston are normally on at least two of these things.