Will Smith Looking to Star in AMERICAN CAN for Director Edward Zwick; Eyeing Thriller THE ACCOUNTANT

Posted April 19, 2013 by Rick in Movie News

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Two days after signing for Focus, Actor Will Smith seem as if hes trying to keep himself busy. With two films lined up to do after the grifter pic. Will is said to had been considering these two films for a while now, the first being the drama American Can. In this film he took the role of a “reluctant hero” during the incident of Hurricane Katrina for the director Edward Zwick who has also directed the film The Last Samurai. After all of this there is a possibility that Will will be starring in the film The Accountant.

Deadline has came with news that Sony Pictures which is in partnership with Overbrook Entertainment and is looking to make American Can happen. Will is going to be taking the lead role, playing John Keller who is a Gulf  War veteran who is returning home to his home state of Louisianna. He comes home only to have it hit by one of the greatest natural disasters in U.S history, otherwise known as Hurricane Katrina. In the story, Keller rescues over 2o0 elderly citizens while trying to escape flooding waters. He is a true hero.

As for the film The Accountant, this thriller has Smith considering the film. When Mel Gibson was set to direct and when the pic was owned by Warner Bros. he was also drawn to the pic. This film tells the story of a government accountant who just happens to be an assassin. Right now, we know that Gibson is no longer set to direct the film and there is not really any more information.